Trail Name Rainbow Falls      
CO Teller Pike
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Trail Overview

There are many trails in this area. Most are fairly easy and all are passable by stock rigs, though some of the steeper and more deeply rutted hills may take more than one attempt. The trails are full size friendly, though you will certainly have branches brushing the sides. My extended cab Ram took no body damage. The only truely difficult obstacle is an area of rocky stair steps. There is a bypass. On our trip, the easier line was passable by an open diff Cherokee with 3" of lift and 31" BFG All Terrains. The more difficult line requires significant clearance (my Ram has 7" of lift and runs on 37" swampers and my bumper cleared the rocks by less than an inch) and traction. On our trip the ground was a little muddy, which lowered traction, but I made it up without engaging either locker. There are lots of dirtbikes and quads in the area, but they seemed to stay fairly close to the parking area.

With properly equiped rigs, this trail can be a ton of fun in the snow. We ran it with 2.5-3 feet and had a blast. Good luck on the stair steps when there's snow. Three Jeeps, all locked at both ends, and nobody could make it up without winching.

Dirty Dog

Take your best route to Woodland Park. From most places this will be US-24W from Colorado Springs. Turn north on highyway 67 about 10 miles into Pike National Forest. You will see the Rainbow Falls sign on your right. There is a large flat parking area just off the main road.

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