Trail Name Brush Creek Rd      
CO Eagle White River
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Trail Overview

Brush Creek Road is one of those winding drives through the countryside. It is neither difficult nor particularly scary. I found this route as a shortcut from Hagerman Pass as I wanted to cut down my return time to Vail. To sum it up, it's like one of those country gravel / dirt roads that seems to meander through rolling hills and meadows. In fact if you had a WRC rally car it would be perfect. Loose dirt and not a lot of rocks means fun perfecting your pendulum turn. Brush Creek Road going north, begins with a bunch of smooth switchbacks among aspen forests. At the intersection of Fryingpan road and FR512 head north. There are some private lots and cabins but these soon peter out. You are then winding through more stands of aspens interspersed with rolling meadows. At approximately 3.5 miles, the road skirts the Crooked Creek reservoir. After about 4 miles, pick up FR400 and continue north. You are in open range so beware there could be cattle around that corner; drifting sideways around the apex and broadsiding a ton of beef isn't a good idea. Between Eagle and Sylvan Lake the road is now paved. Eventually the road comes out at Eagle. Continuing development means some luck and skill to find your way to the interstate.

Access to Brush Creek Rd is either south from Eagle along FR400, or north from Thomasville at the intersection of FR512 and Fryingpan Rd

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