Trail Name China Wall      
CO Adams Arapahoe
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Trail Overview

China Wall is a nice little trail 30-45 minutes west of Woodland Park out of Tarryall that runs down to Tarryall Creek, under 2 hours round trip, about 7 obstacles. Really fun for any 4x4 w/open diffs with a couple of spots for built rigs. Nice hiking area with lots of rocks to climb, great fishing in the summer, 4 wheeling year round. This was a really nice snow run. This time we were in our 85 4Runner w/5" lift and spool. This was the first run after alot of work on the truck, and the bumpers, sidebars, and winch were all at home in the garage waiting for warm weather and paint. Two inches of snow made it fun, but no problem. Made it up the narrower ledge at the beginning and it was no worries from there on down. Headed up 204, but chickened out at the end when the passenger side glass was about 2" from a 6' boulder. All alone with no winch and a small child, you don't want to take too many chances. Plus it was pretty cold to be riding home with no window. All in all a great day. If you have to explore more there are miles of easy roads in Badger Flats and Puma Hills between CR77 and SH24. Thanks to Dragon for the general description and trail review!

Starting at County Rd. 77 about 1/2 mile SE of the town of Tarryall. Take Forest Rd 212 East toward the Tarryall mtns. At around 1/2 mile you pass 212a on the right, this is the shortcut to CR77 about one mile long. From there you start to head up China Wall (a quartz ridge). The trail then forks; left is the wider, flatter, easier way especially with snow, right runs up a ledge where you'll find your first obstacle, and the only place where snow or ice would be a concern; a couple of rocky sections that you need good tire placement. Once you're over the wall the trail gradually drops and winds its way down. There are three or four areas of slick rock type obstacles and then a mogul wash down to the creek. There are bypasses for all but one of the more difficult rock sections. 4 miles one way. About half way down, FR204 heads off to the left, this is a worthy side trip that runs up over a rocky hill with a few worthy obstacles at the far end and one fairly gnarly spot. At the creek, the road splits; do not drive up the hill at the end of either direction this is an erosion/sediment issue and people have removed the No Motor Vehicles signs. Otherwise, stay on established roads, don't litter, and enjoy. (Added by Dirty Dog) As of 2006, there is now a large, deep mudhole at the lowest point in the trail. People have widened the trail around it. The hole tends to be filled with soupy slimey mud, is about 4-5 feet deep and is very easy to get stuck in. Do not attempt this hole unless you have plenty of extraction help and experience. I've seen a full size Bronco buried in it so deep that it took 3 V8 powered, fully locked rigs to extract. Thanks to Dragon for the detailed information!

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