Trail Name Eagle Rock      
CO Teller Pike
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Trail Overview

Recomended equipment: Locker in at least one axle, and a winch. Short wheelbase is your friend there, because of tight trees. Body damage is possible (even likely) if you like to baja up obstacles or rely on the throttle to get you over obstacles. Every major obstacle has bypasses. The first part of the trail is mild with a slight climb(actually the whole trial pretty much is a climb). The first obstacle you come to is Eagle Rock. The bypass is to the left. Eagle Rock obstacle starts with a mild rocky climb that gradually turns to the right, and gets steeper. At the top there are a few lines to choose from. We've climbed all the lines and the speed is about the same. The far left is the hardest and the right is the easiest. To make the left line, first have a good spotter and second hug the trees to the point of scrapage, and then cut hard right. The middle line has too many different options to list. The right and easy line goes as follows: cut hard left while approaching then back hard right and aim for the big rock next to the tree. Right before you bust your bumper on the rock cut hard left. That's it. The second obstacle is right around the corner and on a steep incline. This obstacle wouldn't actually be an obstacle if people with un-equipped rigs would not go on this trail(big ruts). The whole hill will keep you on your toes, but you need to keep on the throttle the whole way up, because you do not want to stop and back down. Around the corner from those two obstacles is a hard left turn that has very good wheel stand potential. If you are not watching your front driver side wheel will get 4 feet off the ground before you know it, so take it easy unless you want some wicked pictures. After those few grouped obstacles there is a short "trail" portion. The rest of the trail can be done in a stock vehicle or Sky High Circus wagons. It all depends on the lines you take. One portion on the top of a hill climb in some skinny tree sections has a part at the top that opens up. It has the bypass to the right, and if you have a weak heart take the right bypass; wheel stands and rollovers are likely on the main line. Lets just say we had a ZR2 blazer with us, and he tried to make the left line easy and climb into it sideways...needless to say he has almost sideways on his top. Had to be winched up. So if you don't have a good rig, or are just not sure of your 4x talents, take the right bypass. After that the trail is almost done. The last obstacle is optional. It's a group of rocks on the left side. Ground clearance, aired down tires, and lockers are your friend on this one. When Eagle Rock ends, it dumps you out onto FR 368 which is the Mt. Baldy(Cpt. Jack) trail. To get back down to the springs, hang a right to go back to Old Stage/Gold Camp Rd. Overall, we the Rock Monkeys love this trail! As a Saturday run without a long drive, for a killer day of 4 wheelin, we would compare it to Hackett/Longwater. But personally I prefer this trail. Not as many "yuppies". Average running time: 2 vehicles, 1-2 hours. 5 vehicles, 2-3 hours(more with broken driveshaft) Thanks to Mike Novotny of for the review and photos (coming soon)! Please <a href="">send</a> reviews, photos, name and vehicle to have your review appear on <i></i>. Thanks for your help!

To get there take Old Stagecoach Road out of Colorado Springs, past the Mt. Baldy(Cpt. Jacks) trail head.It's about 3-4 miles from that point. After you cross a cattle guard you are just a couple minutes from the trailhead. The trail is on the north side, and is marked 370 C. Head up the trail from there. Please note that there are trails running in many directions from the trailhead. Keep bearing right at forks and watch the signs to stay on 370C.

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