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Old 09-08-2005, 08:02 PM
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Default Keeping the site going?

So here's the situation and I'm not gonna sugar coat it. It takes $100 a year to host 4x4Trails.net. Not a big deal. If even half of the registered users donated a dime a year it'd cover those costs.

My buddy Josh has worked on the site quite a bit for next to nothing. To keep things running smoothly and to add additional features takes money too.

Bottom line, I'm not rich, so we've got some options:

1) Close the site

2) Make it a pay site

3) Start selling some ads

4) Get some donations to keep it running

5) Sell the site to someone with the resources to keep it going

6) Sell Maps, Books, GPS products associated with outdoor adventures.

7) Any other number of other options....

These are all just ideas. The search function is currently down, I know. To get Josh to take a look at it is gonna cost some money, nobody works for free. We're working on getting it fixed, but while it's been down I've been contemplating what to do.

Feel free to email me at scott@4x4trails.net with your comments, feedback or suggestions.

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