View Full Version : CJ Oversized Gas tank for sale

05-23-2005, 09:24 AM
Had this on my old CJ, and the new one I just bought has the oversize factory tank, so I am selling this one.

I got it in December, 2004. Put it on in January, 2005. Took it back off in April, 2005.

It includes the 21 gallon tank, sending unit, and strap. Cost $300 new. Looking at $200 OBO.

Fits 78-86 CJ.

Here is a link to the site where I bought it from if you want a picture. (http://www.jcwhitney.com/autoparts/Product/showCustom-0/Pr-p_Product.CATENTRY_ID:2005692/c-10108/Nty-1/p-2005692/Ntx-mode+matchallpartial/N-10108/tf-Browse/s-10101/Ntk-AllTextSearchGroup?Ntt=gas%20tank)

PM me if interested.